Core Team Members


Robert Kokenyesi

Dr. Robert Kokenyesi - Founder, CEO, CTO

Kokenyesi completed his MS in Physics and PhD in materials science at OSU in 2004 and 2007, respectively.  His early contribution in the field of transparent conductors resulted in peer-reviewed publications as well as co-authorship of the Handbook of Transparent Conductors. More recently, as a post-doctoral researcher at OSU, Kokenyesi is leading the development of extreme absorption materials, and he is a co-inventor of the C5S technology and co-founder of Beet Inc. His near term role is to lead the technical and business development of the proposed thin-film PV technology.



Ram Ravichandran

Dr. Ram Ravichandran - Lead Engineer

Ravichandran recently completed his PhD in 2014 after completing his MS and BS in electrical engineering and computer science at OSU in 2009 and 2007, respectively. Ravichandran is a co-inventor and one of the original developers of the C5S technology, engaged in thin-film process development in addition to photovoltaic device simulations. He brings over 7 years of cleanroom and thin-film fabrication experience to the team.


Sean W. Smith

Sean W. Smith -  Market/Technical support

Smith completed his MS in materials science at OSU in 2011 and he is currently near the end of his PhD in materials science. Smith joined Beet through his involvement in the Lens of the Market workshops as a part of the NSF funded Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry where he and the rest of Beet received a crash course in market research and business model development.




KeszlerDr. Douglas A. Keszler - Founder, Technical Advisor, OSU Distinguished Professor

Keszler is currently the Director of the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry, a Phase-II National Science Foundation Center for Chemical Innovation, and Absorber Project Lead in the Center of Inverse Design, a DOE Energy Frontier Research Center. With colleagues at OSU, he contributed to the development of the first transparent oxide thin-film transistors and co-authored the book Transparent Electronics. This technology is now being widely implemented in the display industry. More recently, he has invented new aqueous-based approaches for inorganic printed electronics and semiconductor manufacturing via extreme-UV and electron-beam nanolithography. He is a founder of Inpria Corporation, an electronic-materials supplier currently financed by Intel Capital, Samsung Ventures, and Applied Ventures. He serves on the Board of Directors of Amorphyx Corp., a spinout from the CSMC focused on delivering new backplane technologies for the display industry. As co-founder of Beet, he will provide technical and market oversight and assist in growing the technical and business teams.


judy-giordan cDr. Judy Giordan - Business Advisor, ecosVC

Giordan is a partner at ecosVC, a venture development and investment firm; co-founder of the chemical angels network; and a member of the board of directors and/or an advisor to science and engineering intensive start‐ups. Her experience includes top executive roles in Fortune 500 companies, such as International Flavors and Fragrances Inc., PepsiCo, and Henkel Corp. Giordan is a reviewer for both phases of NSF SBIR.